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842. Once, Robin got a phone call. After the call he was silent, and locked himself in his room for the rest of the day. The team was surprised when he came in the next morning wearing civilian clothes, and left after breakfast without saying a word to his teammates. As he went through the city, the team began to think he was cheating on Starfire when he bought a few chocolates and flowers. They followed him all the way to Gotham. The team began to feel guilty when he greeted a red haired girl in a wheelchair. Robin’s first action was to hug the girl and repeat “I’m sorry” over and over. The two of them both cried and the rest of the Titans returned home and vowed to never speak of the encounter again. They did ask where Robin had been all day once he got home. Robin said that he knew the team had followed him and he thanked them for leaving quickly.

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