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Are you ever just so sad with yourself that you feel like no one can possibly understand? You’re just dying to talk to someone, but it’s all so much that you feel like even untangling it all is exhausting and you don’t wanna bother because you can’t form a real, coherent thought that isn’t based in sadness?


Anonymous asked:

1: what do you find truly attractive in a person? 2: favorite artist (alive or dead)? 3: what is something you constantly dream about when you sleep?


1. Hands. Hands and a soothing voice. And ambition and passion.

2. Idk there are tons. Lois Van Baarle aka Loish has been a huge influence on my own art since I was a teen. I also love Alphonse Mucha. 🙏

3. I dream about my teeth falling out and having some weird super power (the powers vary).

Fair enough. I’m totally with you on the hands thing. I don’t know what it is, but I find hands so fascinating.

Something about size, texture, history, and skill that turns my brain into mush. I fell that they’re very much underrated.

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